Are You Writing Copy or Creating Content?

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August 15, 2018
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Are You Writing Copy or Creating Content?

Businessman writing content on a note, preparing for his next strategy.

Copywriting and Content writing are not the same!

It is quite simple, copywriting is not content writing, but they both depend on each other.

What is the difference?


When we say content writing it means that formulating worthy content to draw and possibly convert readers into loyal customers and get them to buy your product or service repeatedly.


Copywriting, on the other hand, gets the reader to take a specific action, like opening a link. Sometimes it’s buying a product; it could also be opting in for your email list or calling for more information on a particular interest like real estate.

What does that translate to master?

Well, content means; articles, podcasts, email auto responses. While copywriting is the sales page, ads, direct mail, and headlines that act as a magnet.
You might think they are different, Well, not if you are doing it right!

You are wasting great content without the use of copywriting.

A lot of content writers out there have sincerely great content “possibly yours is one of them,” and it could have a few readers.
If you are writing helpful articles and providing good content which I am sure you are doing; and still don’t get much traffic or authority, the problem is almost certainly an ineffective copy.

Examples of a bad copy in your content:

The most important of all is… THE HEADLINE!

1- The captions might be boring.

When your titles are dull, and you have not given a person a purpose to click through to read the rest of your fantastic content, you have a copywriting problem.
An example “The Weight Loss Trick That every person Is Speaking Of.”
Using such a headline has become so dull, literally!
If everyone is now speaking about it, does the content deserve an article?
For your business’s sake, think of something useful to your reader and include it in your headline. If you do not have a good title, it almost always translates to “This is bad content, let’s keep scrolling” …even if you had something to give that is of great value.

2- Using Clever Headlines

If that is your way of communicating with your audience, then you are only showing them how smart you think you are. If you are not describing the benefits your readers are going to get then you have lost a significant sum of the audience that might have enjoyed your piece of content.
The Ultimate Example
“This Icecream Stick Is Left At Room Temperature; You Won’t Understand What Happens Next.”
I mean wouldn’t it fricking melt?
Unless it does not melt than please do not try to hook your audience this way. You have done your homework, searched for headline formulas that make money and increases traffic, hell, even paid money to get a cheat sheet, but you have left out the most bitter downturn of copywriting which is…?
It just fades away and gets overused like hell!
Many methods have been overdone to death, those ‘you won’t believe what happens next’ is one of them and it is “horrifying,” so find an original way to draw readers.

3- Overpromising in your headlines

Again with click-baiting, and it won’t ever stop isn’t it?
A writer could try to give promises such as “get rich real quick without moving a finger” type of content, and its headline is probably this bad:
“Make one million dollars in one day!”
Setting unrealistic expectations and overpromising at the same time might infuriate your reader if you did not deliver what you promise. You probably won’t contribute anything because your copy & content depends on the simple fact of people’s need for money with a pathetic way to make them click through. Readers have become more clever than you think, and such tactics won’t do you any favors at all.
If you over promise and then under deliver in your content, it is a sure fire way to lose your credibility and readers for good.
Unless your scheme is you getting rich quick out of other getting rich quick lovers” and you don’t give a damn about your credibility then go ahead and use this method.

4- Being too smart in your headline & thinking you can get away with it

If that’s the case, you’re merely confirming how intelligent you are without giving any reader benefits.
An example of such brilliance is!
“No Results With Your Attempts to Stop Drinking?”
No genius about it to be frank and While Consumers get smarter every year, I believe writers who use those headlines are merely impaired. Clickbait headlines generate more irritation and resentment than you could conceive. It can also bring hellfire on your website for good.

When looking to benefit your reader, you will never run out of good content or be too dull with your titles. Want to know why? Because you care about your readers and want to give them value, On the other hand, you might have a great piece of advice or value to give to that reader.

A better go on the example above is this:

“7 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Your Marriage With Drinking”

Turn around the common blog list approach to headlines by offering x reasons the reader can create an undesirable outcome.

When turning back to your content, try to break it down in a list. Your readers will relate to it, this way you create a sense of discomfort in the reader’s mind; when looking at the headline, then they click and find ways that their marriage could go wrong. Also including the disadvantages and the solutions that you want to represent from the very start.

5- You haven’t thought about your content, does it benefit the reader?

If a product has to benefit a consumer, your posts or articles has to be naturally rewarding as much, or they won’t come back to your website.
Let’s take for example a topic that might be written with this headline:
“Car Insurance Companies HATE This New Trick”
If you are tricking your readers, followers or fans to get them clicking, you have brought yourself on the road to failure. But, it’s important to realize; if you do benefit the reader and you have a trick that could help the reader to use, and they avail, then you have succeeded. You will gain credibility. It might be slow, but it sure will come. Not only that but as a matter of fact, you will also build your readers list and possibly going to benefit your business.

6- Your content is not building any trust or rapport

You can eternally get digital recognition in your social media posts or articles by being a little brat of a kid or a leech that can’t be controlled, but attention doesn’t spell “supporters or clients.”

Y’all might not get the idea of content, or maybe your idea of content is filling up keywords and hard selling instead of getting your audience to believe that you are the go-to when a particular problem is brought to their attention.

I had many discussions with a lot of potential clients about content; a little percentage thinks it’s of good use to their marketing efforts. The rest do not understand it, and they are not to blame. Most of the challenges that had risen during the digital world did so because of how much content is being pushed by users. Not only that, the quality of content is being checked by algorithms such as “hummingbird” Google’s new algorithm. Most useless articles have been pushed away by the search engine giant; the problem is if you do not understand that as a writer or as a client then your only way to recognition is paying off thousands of dollars for it which will probably fade to black fast.

Build trust by being valuable, giving real value.

7- Social Proof & CTA is Neglected.

If you have got Proof that people follow you, comment, or “have been helped by you” plus they love you for it then you have got what we call social proof. It’s tricky to show readers your business when you don’t have evidence because there isn’t much traffic.

But let’s go back to the importance of social proof.

Social proof is not right or wrong; it’s just how human beings are wired.

It is in our instinct that if someone else is doing something, buying a product or reading a good piece of article or has seen an excellent social media post and loved it, then it is probably good to do. So other people’s attention for a product, service or entertainment together with that person’s favor or mere admiration for it is the so-called social proof.

Social proof can give a business great momentum. Once you have traffic or readers, you will find new users always hopping in just because you have other people that might be their friends or family liking you.

How do you get it?

Encourage comments, Tell stories, Get testimonials and incorporate media in your content + Document and share everything that you do, every achievement or “mention” that you get from authority figures or channels and you have got yourself a killing formula to get social proof and more traffic, plus, don’t ever forget a call to action to let people know what you want them to do next.

So is Copywriting everything? Will you automatically rank the world’s most popular business?

Undoubtedly, no.

If you make a good job packaging; also brilliantly marketing your business, getting the message out there and making sure you are giving value from the very start. You will reach your goal sooner than you think.


Bonus tip (You Deserve it for reading to the end):


Be generous because it is damn great. When you give out free content or products, and it is too precious that it gives you no comfort, you should know you have hit it right.

Make delightful content, Only commercial men like ads. If your content seems like an ad, it will get thrown away the minute you put it out. Make your marketing too dear to be thrown away by being beneficial and readable.

Draw the right people, Content marketing aids your SEO efforts, but do not make the mistake of composing for search engines by filling keywords and unrelated things all mixed up in your content. Write for the people first, then make your piece search engine friendly so brand-new people can stumble upon you on search engines.


Always remember, Outstanding content that delivers a less Salesy feeling will get clients to hold ground and never leave.


That is why many smart marketers and copywriters favor a content approach over a “Salesy” one. Combining strategic copywriting with great content to get an immeasurable effect from both poles.

How are you using content marketing to get more traffic and converting your site guests into fans and faithful customers?

Let us know in the comments!

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