The 5 Most Crucial Personal Branding Tips

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November 7, 2018
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The 5 Most Crucial Personal Branding Tips

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Abdulrahman Shukry



Remember when you heard Darth Vader take his first deep breath?




Imagine him asking you “Why haven’t you built your personal brand?”

I think you wouldn’t have an answer…


In the first place, should you build your personal brand? I mean, of course, everyone needs one, right?

Having a personal brand is tremendous! And branding yourself is more important than it ever was.


It is true; a strong personal brand impacts your success tremendously and later on even benefits your business. I once thought it is unnecessary since I could almost always stay behind the curtains and do my magic. I soon realized how important it is and how personal branding can positively affect my career.


Most exceptional and successful people in any field have established a personal brand that resonates. Just like the world’s greatest detective, Batman!


Back to the real world, take Steve Jobs for instance. He made apple devices what they are, and it is why he still gets a lot of credit for it even years after his death. Then again, aren’t you reading this over an iPhone or a Mac?


Several authors have also established a quite remarkable personal brand that resonates with them. JK Rowling not only created your favorite childhood movie Harry Potter, but she also developed a strong personal brand, the rejections and the success she now poses, from a napkin to a fortune. It is quite essential to have a well-established brand.


If so many people believe a personal brand is of crucial importance, then why doesn’t everyone have a good one? Well, it is a matter of execution indeed!


Even though it will take time to build, Here are the essential tips to jumpstart you when you finally decide its time to evolve and get your personal brand into the next level.


Personal Brand Tip 1:
Research first!

Everyone has heard of the word niche, right? But what is it?

A Niche originally means a shallow recess in a wall, when it is interpreted to business and the market, a niche market is a very shallow and tight market. Specific and small demand for a product or service, for example like an antique dealer.

You need to commit yourself into a niche. When you do so, choose one you can make a difference in and win.

What do you want to be known for? What differentiates you from other people who are in your niche? How are people going to remember you?

You need to get a sense of what you are good at and start executing. Every game changer out there dominated a small sector. So what can you do those others can’t?

When you are well established in a tight niche, you can start widening your space and entering other things that can coincide with your primary niche afterward.

This way will allow you to grow and establish yourself as a notable person in your space.

Personal Branding Tip 2: Make your personal brand resonate in everything you do!

If only Personal branding can be as easy as putting on makeup or wearing bizarre hippie outfit or even dying your hair red!

Your personal brand goes beyond that, it takes more dedication and time to build, but it will be worth it, don’t you think?

Brand everything you do, if it is a picture you have taken, research or video. Make yourself known for what you do. Think of your style and tone, both in writing or anything you do. It could be the style your photos are taken or how you handle the camera.
You need to be different and outstanding when handling the things you produce.

Work on yourself and make sure you brand everything you do.

If you choose to be normal and do what everyone does whether it is blogging or showing up on Instagram, it won’t budge.

A couple of years ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be writing. It was my friends who made me notice this talent that I have with words and started giving me notes into how I could improve. On that same note, I always wanted to discover my style and tone. How are they going to look like or feel?

Much of the content that has been out there since the internet was born is like stating the obvious, boring or just unrealistic that no one would understand how to put it in action.

I started with a book (which is still unpublished btw!) it was based on a lot of research and scientific data, free tips, and a bit of humor (maybe not that much), but why the hell not. When I write, I feel alive, and this is why I still do it. Also by doing it, I help others relate to the things I speak about or at the very least give them a piece of information they couldn’t grasp elsewhere.

Personal Brand tip 3: Speak up!

Speaking your mind is a skill that is significantly valued by people, whether at conferences or in meetings. Generally, people usually remember 1 to 2 top speakers; the rest is far gone. When you think of speaking, you think of how impressive you need to be. You need to be confident and have a good flow.

You might think that if you don’t have it in you, don’t bother!! RIght?
Not at all, at first. Make good presentations and improve them bit by bit.

Show it to people with low expectations first at free events and webinars. When you improve with your performances, learn more by watching the top speakers in your industry, then try it out yourself. Start recording yourself and watch it. Spot your mistakes, start adjusting and improving what you seem like missing.


Personal Branding tip 4: Investing in yourself

This one investment “supersedes all others” Invest in yourself.
Personal branding isn’t free, and the smartest thing you could do is investing in your career. Nothing is free, so stop thinking you can get what you want just because you know this or that. You will need to pay for stuff, and yes, at least in the beginning it will be from your own money.
Consider paying for:

-An editor to proofread your writings.
-Hiring a speaking coach.
-Learning a new skill off a book or course.
-Learning graphic designing or hiring a designer.


Personal branding tip Finale: Is it worth it?

A lot of people have come to understand the power of having a good personal brand and not enough time thinking whether they even need it or not, to begin with and has caused them a lot of agonies. By asking yourself: what is remarkable about what you do?
You can get an understanding if it is worth it or not.

We have come to an age where anybody can share their opinion easily. Plenty of so-called influencers have come and gone. Some still shine, while the others have been forgotten. Being an influencer is way more than just making funny videos. A real influencer is someone who has an impact on people positively; they have built the authority to speak their mind because they have chosen to be a leader in what they do. Hard work is required if you are serious about being successful. More importantly, you need to know what you are good at so you could better yourself.

A lot of successful and wealthy people have built strong and unique personal brands, but they have done remarkable things too, didn’t they?

People like Gary Vaynerchuk, Donald Trump, and Steve jobs have all paved their way in some way that is remarkable. Everyone knows how blunt and accurate Garyvee is. How great of a businessperson Donald Trump is, regardless of how outrageous some statements he says, and Steve Jobs even after years of his death, he made our life easier with apple.

It’s my 4th year since I started building my career and growing my business. I just recently started blogging as a way to speak my mind, although I have been working on a book in the last three years. I still didn’t think of blogging as much. When I did consider it. it has given me the space to speak which in return means you have to read! And there is nothing I love more than reading.

Depending on which phase you are in life, you might think it is not time yet; maybe you haven’t done something extraordinary to focus on building your personal brand. You don’t have to if it’s not the right time.

Go do something great first!


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