How utilizing Influencers could develop in the coming years

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November 11, 2018
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How utilizing Influencers could develop in the coming years

Black girl at home talking in front of camera, setting up microphone for recording Vlog at home. Young African American woman working as web influencer.

Black girl at home talking in front of camera, setting up microphone for recording Vlog at home. Young African American woman working as web influencer.

Thinking of influencer marketing campaigns in the past years, you can’t help but realize that the strategy has been a strong force in the world of marketing online.


If you can’t see it, then keep in mind that the industry has seen a growth of around a billion dollars and is expected to rise even higher.

While keeping in mind how cost efficient it is and how it can quickly gain exposure for both small to midsized businesses and large corporations, It is a surefire way to build and adjust brand reputation, but it all depends on how you employ it.


Traditional celebrities such as actors, tv stars and singers have always been an advertising staple in the advertising industry. On the other hand, one must think of what qualifies as a celebrity and how marketers are utilizing its power and how has it seen substantial progress?




Ever came around the phrase word of mouth?


Word of mouth has always been a supreme force for marketing, and while it comes free of charge, it necessitates the formation of a loyal customer ground for it to work correctly. After all, the satisfied customer tells their inner circle how much they like this business or product that a company has to offer which means building trust and caring for the consumers need is essential in sustaining that loyalty. Moreover, It is also equally important noting that word of mouth is known to be more trusted than any form of marketing or hard selling advertisements. In contrast, word of mouth is in a way limited to the inner circle of a satisfied customer; its effect may reach 3-5 people who may be interested in what the customer says about their experience with the brand. Of course, small businesses get the best results with word of mouth, but for bigger scale businesses, that may not be as powerful as it should, since corporates seek more exposure than that of small businesses to grow exponentially.


If word of mouth is an ancestor, it gave birth to a more sophisticated form of marketing called influencer marketing.


Imagine you could multiply word of mouth to a much larger scale, reaching different parts of the world to see. Rather than utilizing the small circle of friends, influencer marketing helps brands outreach to become extra active. All the while, influencer marketing is extending the practice of word of mouth marketing beyond a given individual’s circle of friends and family to his or her social media circle.

The overlapping similarity between word of mouth and influencer marketing makes it seem like influencer marketing is word of mouth on steroids, and it’s true.

Then again, it has always been limited to those around us in our tight circles, but now it’s a public post, video or Instagram story that everyone could view and engage with on the spot. Thanks to the rise of the digital world and how it has connected the whole world regardless of the vast distance; drastically helping to extend the pool of friends into a larger scale.

With the size of the market and rising competition, modern day word of mouth may need to adjust in the coming years with challenges yet to come.

While the concept has blown in popularity in the past few years; corporations have seen an opening to utilize that power and authority, translating into more sales and exposure for the brand. While “free” word of mouth will always have an advantage over “paid” influencer marketing when it comes to authenticity; Brands will need to work thoughtfully on their tactics to become more genuine and trustworthy, to avoid driving off their fans.

Although influencers may have worked well, consumers are becoming more aware of almost every strategy that a brand pursues and with it comes distrust to corporates and brands all together along with the influencers representing their products because of how much advertisements have been pushed down the viewer’s throats. It comes as no surprise that specific influencers are not capable of providing real authentic and engaging content that gives value to the viewers and instead use hard selling methods since it is easier than thinking of a genuine idea; which in return is making people start distrusting influencers too.


Why has influencer marketing gained this attention and how has it seen a big revolution and explosion through the mass?


– Advantages

The utmost advantage of Influencers is that they could be used regardless of what your digital media strategy looks like; producing content and distributing them, its value for increasing a brand reputation, boosting brand awareness, optimizing for SEO and attracting fans is spectacular, to say the least.

– Communicative strength

The possibilities of digital media marketing are astonishing above all. Various channels have ways to thousands and millions possibly even billions of regular active people, but hitting it alone as a brand can be complicated. As for Influencers, they work as a voice that allows a brand to obtain a gateway to this vast pool of people and possible new connections.

– Corporate Lack Of Trust

Turning to users, they have manifested a significant lack of trust for brands across the past decades, let’s call it a thick skin to all the advertising they are forced to see. They mainly perceive brands as selfish, or at the very least manipulative; thus, customers have shifted towards people who has an authoritative voice to seek alternatively than viewing the brand itself. Hence, shifting individual brands to seek influencers for their achieved trust with their following, driving a modern age of advertising and marketing.

– Networks

An added factor that has been on the appearance is influencer characters in multiple fields and professions. As a result, celebrities, CEO’s and other experts were capable of collecting fans of hundreds of thousands of people, if not more, therefore putting those people in a place of extraordinary influence & power.


As the digital world continues to develop rapidly, influencer marketing will continue to face significant efforts to survive and avoid a significant downturn from its share.

– Customer Trust

Now, users have seen corporates as greedy, working for profit and being unauthentic; leaving out users best interests from their minds. After a while, some issues will occur when modern customers start to look at influencers as insignificant channels for brands and corporations too. In other words, an implosion could probably happen to influencers, and they would be distrusted just like the corporates.

– Competition and setting yourself apart

Consider the digital world is a large park full of joy & happy moments; although this may be true, it is also wise to acknowledge that it is full of competitors and intimidations too. With how small the world has become, many challenges are on the rise and more is yet to come. The amount of influencers present, not forgetting the “wannabe influencers” earns it an incredibly difficult spot to access the area as an authority, or merely differentiating yourself from the crowd could be a hassle. For already established influencers it may be quite hard to sustain the power that has already been built.

– The Cost

However, thanks to the soaring demand, payments for influencers are soaring and If you are willing to promote your brand as an expert, you will need to consume endless hours making a name for yourself. As a brand, if you’re going to get the aid of an authority which already gathered a following, you will want to give something in return, and clearly, that involves spending money for your advertisements, keeping in mind that it will only get worse eventually.

– The One Vs. The Many

You may see a deterioration of the solo influencer in admiration to joint authority channels such as Wikipedia. So, rather than viewing a single piece by someone, it would seem more credible searching websites such as Wikipedia to see their articles, after all, it is edited and drafted by many experts and are more authentic and unbiased. Rather than asking questions and depending on the results to find your answer, customers are starting to trust their e-assistants to look for the best solution and share it instantly with them. Social networks might favor groups over people, which would push the entire idea of influencers to remodel.


– Communities over influencers

Instead of concentrating on a solo influencer, marketers might begin to focus on large networks. Scrabbling around in blog forums, comments, and other digital areas, besides, engaging methods to be used with a community as a whole. Marketers who use influencers in the coming future will avoid obstacles of depending on one-on-one communications, such as digital partners, to tweak their unique kind of visibility.

– Exchange over courtesies

Rather than signing with influencers to introduce your brand on social media, the concept may develop into a new open marketplace, where influencers or companies can cooperate to create projects together or trade audience, posts, and shares to increase their fan base naturally.

– Confined, Real Communities

In an attempt by influencers for self-sustenance, they may go towards fewer, quality alliances on social media. So, rather than posting dozens of irrelevant products to advertise, they could concentrate on forming a tight network of ethical relationships that make sense for their personal brand and are attractive to their fans. Consider it as a sign of progress to value over volume since volume has started to gain distrust significantly from the target audience.

– Disclosure

The reason why this way of advertisement might not be sustainable in the long run is that influencers aren’t disclosing which posts are paid and which isn’t a promotion. Influencers get beyond this transparency dilemma stating the type of partnerships or arrangement behind every shared post or piece of content. On the long run, it may get tiresome, but it would stop consumers trust from plummeting strongly.

influencer marketing campaign will develop alone when it comes to authoritative figures on social, regardless of which initiatives we want to take. Casting out those who do not belong and induce mistrust while leaving those who are genuine. Whether it develops into a more complex form or evolves to be less accessible, the forces that shape the market depends on tens of variables and all we could do is wait to see it take its true form.

While the market is still molding, take profit of this marketing strategy as it is today, at the moment, it’s an example of the most effective and beneficial social media marketing strategy and its expected to stay for the coming 5 years if not more. Just make sure you are not overusing it to the degree that people start to feel mistrust and fakeness. No doubt, Fellow influencers, you will need to become more genuine with your content, decline offers that do not align with your core values or to that of your followers to keep yourself distinguished from the rest of the herd if you are seeking to sustain the power you are already holding.



How are you using influencer marketing as a brand?

And most importantly, what brands do you as an influencer feel like it aligns with you and your followers?

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